W.O.W. Natural Healing

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Miranda Tarr-My journey started in 2007 when I decided I had had enough of the back problem that had haunted me since around 2000. Long story short I could slip 3 discs in my back by thinking about certain life issues. When I would go to the doctor they would suggest pain medication/anti-inflamatories, anti-depressants, and surgeries consisting of rods and pins that would then have to be re-done periodically. I prayed for an answer as all of this sounded illogical to me. God didn’t place us here on Earth to live this miserable existence and only survive thanks to a magic bullet pill. Something had awakened inside of me, a spark had been ignited, a desire to know who I really was, and what God had in store for me! Is it possible to heal without a magic pill? Is it possible that our minds in fact determine our destiny and our physical well-being? The answer lies ahead! A friend of mine needed to practice a modality she was training in called B.E.S.T. (Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique). So I would come home with homework, that is what happens when you are a student for life. Affirmations to say and believe, a list of issues to work through in the next session…that was just the beginning. Then one night I went to bed and I awakened to someone I hadn’t seen since my childhood…my protector guide Chief, in his full head dress at the end of my bed. Scared to death, but something told me, something encouraged me that I was again on track. Emotions raged through me in the moment! Well my homework was easy for the next session! I really thought I had turned off my energetic vision, extra sensory perception, and gut feelings. I worked hard getting rid of it because no one seemed to believe in it, it didn’t exist and I appeared to be the crazy one…or was I? Then I was led to Camp Chesterfield in Chesterfield, Indiana, a Spiritual Center of Light. I was welcomed with open arms, and in fact I seemed to fit in quite well there, the aura of unconditional love was shown to all! My head was spinning when I left, I was so excited, a natural high on life! I brought home some tools to put in my tool box, a few crystals and a Hemi-Sync CD. I put on The Dreaming Gate not fully reading the label…entrancing…and off I went on a life changing journey. I woke up feeling amazing all the way to my core! The loud negative voice in my head had taken a vacation! I was starting to realize that there were other forms of healing available! I then found Quantum Touch a healing modality that I later went on to get my practitioners certification in. Also found out a lot of information on Essential Oils and their healing properties. I wanted to further my education and find another modality that could be used in both people and animals. I then booked my first Reiki session, a life changing event, which led to me signing up to get my Reiki 1 degree. I left with yet another homework assignment. Work on yourself for 21 consecutive days for an hour…well that sounded reasonable as you must first heal yourself, or so I had always heard! Then on to Reiki 2, a detox that took me almost 60 days to get through. Reiki Master Teacher…my third and final Reiki degree. The Reiki journey helped me let go of so much that was holding me back, brought my connection back with God, and has completely transformed my life! Not long after I gained access to the Akashic Records (or the Book of Life), and then to channeling my guide Chief and other healing helpers. So what I have discovered is, that yes, there are other forms of healing that are far less harmful to your body. We are all energetic beings, so why not heal ourselves with energy? It is safe with no harmful side effects. The power of prayer is amazing as is our GOD! ~Blessings Miranda J. Tarr

Reiki Master Teacher

B.S. Animal Health Technology Murray State University 2001

Tricia Simpson

2nd Degree Reiki

Trainer/Instructor at WOW Equestrian